Sympa HR Dashboard

Powerful HR Dashboard for Mobile

 A dynamic, real-time overview of your company’s key human capital data to support your organisation’s strategic decisions.

Sympa HR Dashboard offers an effective and easy-to-use mobile tool for strategic HR management, and helps to support organisation’s greatest asset, its people.

Sympa HR

Live follow-up of key HR metrics combined to all company KPI’s gives us visibility on success and challenges in our fast growth.

Jukka Ropponen
CEO, Roima Intelligence Inc.

Key information about Sympa HR Dashboard

  • Sympa HR Dashboard presents as much as 6 HR related metrics in a single dashboard.
  • Up to 10 system administrators can edit your organisation’s dashboard
  • The tool is connected to your own Sympa HR and presents up to date information.
  • Implementation, training and support services are provided to you by Sympa

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Sympa HR

Introducing Sympa HR Dashboard in our company was effortless and only took a week. The SaaS costs of the service only amount to the equivalent of two of my own working hours a month. That’s all the reason we need.

Kirsi Kankaanpää
HR & Admin Manager, Captol Invest Oy

HR data is becoming ever more critical – for making strategic decisions and for communicating the impact of great competence support on an organisation’s performance. Sympa HR users will be leading the way in having easy access to their key HR metrics via a single, customisable dashboard wherever they are. The Sympa HR Dashboard will deliver critical HR data and metrics to mobile devices, enabling better strategic planning, live follow-up and forecasts, helping to improve performance throughout the organisation.

Sympa’s powerful HR dashboard brings easily available the up-to-date metrics for example about employee satisfaction, sick leaves, performance or employee turnover. Sympa HR can be integrated with any business intelligence dashboard. Sympa collaborates with the Finnish dashboard specialist Dear Lucy to provide the first HR interface specially built with the needs of mobile users in mind.

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