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Sympa has built up connections to both external payroll and jubilee design systems over the years and this has led us to trust and rely on our Sympa HR system more and more

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Sympa HR – Integrates to your other softwares

We’ve currently integrated over 200 different systems for over 550+ customers, which means that we’ve already created integrations to the most commonly used local and global HR software. With years of experience in creating integrations, we have perfected an efficient integration model beginning with a review of your company’s needs and ending with a fully tested, smoothly running implementation.

Some of our most used integrations

Centre of your HR universe

Sympa HR effortlessly sends and receives data from any modern system. Setting up integrations between Sympa HR and other systems is easy and risk-free, and they work like a charm.

For example, whenever you hire a new employee, creating their profile in Sympa HR is enough. Sympa HR will automatically transfer the data into your payroll, time tracking, workforce planning, and travel costs systems. Without the payroll attached Sympa HR is scalable worldwide.

An HR API like no other

Sympa’s HR solution is easy to integrate with your existing HR software thanks to our advanced interfaces and the flexible Sympa HR API. We can transfer data in numerous ways (API2API, CSV, XML), but what we are most proud of is our own API. While using the Sympa API, you can easily transfer data between your existing systems and Sympa HR without any extra fees.

Sympa API is easy to use, and your data transfers are only a few clicks away. Integrating other HR systems into Sympa HR allows you to utilise Sympa’s reporting tools for any data that the integrated systems provide.

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