The backbone of your HCM


Keep all of your data up-to-date and use it to support efficient and transparent HCM development

Manage personnel, employment, and payroll information in a single system and allow designated people in your organisation to create reports on any kind of data necessary.

Sympa HR integrates to your existing HR systems – such as payroll or workforce management software – ensuring that your human capital data is always up-to-date, in all your different systems. You’ll never have to type in the same data twice; save only once, updated everywhere.


Manage the entire employment cycle

From recruitment to exit inquiries and everything in between, Sympa HR is designed to provide transparency to the entire employment cycle.

Create a record of every employee once and designated users can then quickly find all the critical information – CV, work history, certifications, tools, appraisals etc. – always up-to-date for every employee. Core HR, such as the tracking of absences, vacations, and sick days, is handled faster than ever before.


Not just a tool for HR

Sympa HR is a life-saver for managers, team-leaders and top management. Team-leaders can easily keep track of their team-members’ availability and absences. Top management can make more informed decisions by viewing ready-made reports on HR KPI’s.

All employees can be given access to fill in and update some of their own personal information, like address or bank account number. Employees can also track their own development, helping them to stay motivated. And there’s a feature that most employees love: knowing how many holidays they are entitled to and have left at any given moment.

Perfect fit for your business

Sympa HR is fully customisable to suit the needs of your business. With the admin user rights you can easily develop your Sympa HR yourself. You can also integrate Sympa HR into your existing HR systems. We’ve currently integrated with over 200 different systems for over 650+ customers.

We can transfer data for instance with our own API. The Sympa API is easy to use, and your data transfers are only a few clicks away. Watch the video to learn how the Sympa API would work for you!

Latest Sympa HR Features


  • Manage all HR documentation and approvals with digital signatures – safely online!
  • No need for physical signatures in employment contracts or other HR documentation
  • Fast and secure, legally binding
  • Fully GDPR-proofed HR processes
  • Cooperation with two leading European players:  DocuSign and Scrive

Page groups

  • New page groups enable easier and more structured data access
  • Page groups can be customised according to your unique needs, e.g. based on HR processes
  • Easily managed with your organisation’s admin user rights
  • An even more customised user experience for your entire organisation

Salary review

  • A flexible tool for managers to propose fixed or percentual raises
  • Eliminates the need for making manual salary changes for each employee
  • No need for sending excels around anymore
  • Create summaries and simulations
  • Results in a safe, fair and smooth salary review process
  • Full visibility and transparency for HR and Top Management

How can Sympa HR benefit your business?

Talent Development

Talent Development

All the tools you need to recruit talent as well as ensure their development.

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HR Analytics

HR Analytics

Get real-time metrics and reports on any data, any time to support strategic decision-making with predictive analytics.

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Easy integrations

Easy integrations

200+ integrations to the most widely used payroll and other software. New integrations can be quickly created to suit your needs.

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Mobile HR

Mobile HR

Our outstanding mobile tools allow you to handle routine tasks easily on the go and get a real-time view of key HR data on any device.

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HR solution consulting

HR solution consulting

When you choose Sympa HR, we carry out the implementation of your system hands-on and customise the software to your business with the help of our best practices.

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