Have you been able to find a vendor that seamlessly matches your company’s needs? If so, congratulations! Otherwise, take your time and don’t take any hasty decisions.

In this next and final part of our email course we’d like to help you prepare for what’s next, enabling you to get through the upcoming implementaion fase as smoothly as possible! Good luck!

1. Implementing your future HR system

Once you know which system will be the right choice for your company, you’ve completed the first major step in the buying process and you can start getting ready for the implementation.

So while not quite there yet, this is where the fun begins! Soon you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits that your new HR system has to offer!

2. Gather a project team

Before you can start with implementing your HR system, you’ll need to make sure that you have the right people on board your implementation project team. Depending on the size and structure of your organisation, sometimes a small team will be enough. In larger organisations you’ll need to make sure to involve the right people with the right professional backgrounds.

What makes a successful project team?


    • Having an HR responsible on board in the implementation team is vital, you’ll want to make sure that the processes in the system are created in such a way that they are well aligned with the way things are done right now.
    • An IT responsible will be able to ask the right questions from the solution provider when it comes to certain different aspects such as security.
    • A team manager will eventually be using the system, and needs to be able to evaluate if the system provides the right tools and functionalities to perform his/her duties on a daily basis.
    • Any company needs a smooth and uninterrupted payroll process. Having a payroll responsible as part of your team ensures that there will not be any hiccups in the payment of salaries.


3. Create a project plan together with your vendor

After you’ve gathered a project team, there is one more step to take before the implementation project can take off. Creating a project plan together with your vendor is very important, because you’ll be able to agree on important steps in the process together, lowering the risk of unexpected changes.

It is important to agree on clear deadlines with the team, so you can make sure that the implementation project will stay within the promised timeframe and doesn’t go over budget.

Once your project team and project plans are in place, you are ready to start your implementation project and be sure to turn it into a great success!


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