In theis part we’ll shift the focus to investigating the system vendors that could be a good match for your company.

The most important thing is finding out what you are looking for and starting your search by selecting those companies that can offer you exactly that.

1. Make a shortlist of suitable vendors

Now that you have established why your company is in need of a (new) HR system, it is important to outline what it is that you are looking for exactly. Since there is an overwhelming amount of different HR system vendors available, it is important to pick the one that truly matches your company’s needs. We have listed a couple of tips that can help you narrow down the options:


    • Write down a preliminary list of technical system requirements
      Knowing what it is that your company needs is likely the most important step in the selection process. Gather the internal stakeholders and map out exactly what they expect from a new HR system.


    • Do your research and get familiar with the different options available
      Having a clear overview of the available vendors enables you to make a simple preselection. Cross out those vendors that clearly do not match your needs and stick with the ones that could offer what you are looking for.


    • Contact the System provider and set up a demo meeting
      During a simple demo meeting, the system provider has the chance to show you what their system looks like, and demonstrate how it can cover your needs.


    • Discuss your needs with the vendor constantly
      Ask questions, highlight the functions that are vital for your organisation. Don’t be afraid to demand too much, as it is equally beneficial for the vendor to know exactly what you are expecting. This enables for smooth further cooperation and communications.


    • Involve the right people internally
      Make sure to involve the right people already from the very start. Finding out that you would need additional functionalities after having made a preselection can create problems along the way.


2. Ensure you’re on the right track

Once you have narrowed down your options and are left with a small amount of suitable vendors, you could ask yourself the quetions listed below. Being able to answer these questions ensures that you are on the right track. If you are not able to directly answer these questions for all your potential providers, it would be smart to discuss these directly with them before making any decisions on how to proceed further.

other questions

Ask yourself the following questions


    1. Does the system ensure that important HR data is always available for the right people?
      Your future HR system should support the embedding of analytics into almost every aspect of HR. Data should be gathered, processed and made available in an actionable format in real time in the system.
    2. Does the system support the design of HR process around the employee?
      Organisations have to look at their operations from the employee perspective and your future HR system should support that.
    3. Is the system supporting an agile employment culture?
      If your company promotes an agile employment culture, your future HR system will need to support this as well. People leave and return, others work seasonally, some work remotely, others as contractors. All that needs proper management.
    4. Can the system change with you?
      Any HR system should support your company’s changing needs. That’s why flexible competence tracking and building are key features of a good HR system.
    5. Is it possible to customise the system by yourself?
      The keyword is agility. If every minor adaptation and change requires an army of consultants and engineers to be helicoptered, look at another solution.

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