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The manufacturing industry is at the forefront of digital disruption and the change is spearheaded by the Internet of Things, machine vision and intelligent, networked systems. Roima Intelligence is an expert software company from Finland and a productivity partner to leading manufacturing companies.

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Implementation of Sympa

Roima is growing rapidly, and it discovered Sympa HR when it was looking for a system to support its HR processes. Managing personnel data in Excel files had become laborious and prone to error, so Roima set out to find an easy-to-use, secure and agile HR solution that could evolve with the company.

Today, Roima is using Sympa HR to manage its core human resource functions, team-leading, recruitment, talent management, holiday planning as well as in managing its organisational structure. Roima is delighted with Sympa’s solution and Tuomo Kokkonen, Controller at Roima, says that Sympa HR has provided exactly the support it needed as it grows quickly. The company is also very happy with the way Sympa HR has made handling job applications much simpler.

A straightforward, agile implementation in phases

Roima Intelligence implemented Sympa HR in phases; transferring data from different business units to the system one at a time. “The implementation was straightforward and collaboration with Sympa’s System Consultant was smooth. They always listened to us from the outset and whatever we needed or wished for they responded quickly.” Now Sympa HR is used throughout the entire organisation. Employees are managing their own information; for example logging their holidays into the system. “Being able to find whatever personal details we need quickly and manage employee groups efficiently with Sympa HR has proven especially valuable,” Kokkonen says.

Sympa HR also supports Roima’s recruiting

Sympa HR’s broad toolset makes it a comprehensive solution that has benefitted Roima’s entire organisation. “HR can now find all the information it needs at a single location and data is easy to search and share with top management,” Kokkonen explains. “Team-leaders are also happy, as holiday approvals can be made very smoothly and details of potential job candidates can easily be retrieved from the system.”

Roima Intelligence and Sympa – next steps

To prepare itself for the future, Roima plans to further expand its use of Sympa HR. That will include taking advantage of its tools management features as well as implementing new Sympa HR features that are currently in the pipeline.

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