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Inspire and nurture your people

Everything you need to let your people flourish. Build the processes and paths that will elevate your people’s skills, increase motivation and lead to long-lasting, happy careers in your organisation.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Managing job descriptions
  • Staying updated with employee roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying employee competencies
  • Mapping out future skill gaps and requirements

Discover hidden HR insights

Achieve both global and local visibility by building your own global HR master data. Gain a deeper view of your people data across all parts of your business that allows for data-driven HR decision-making.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Centralising global HR processes and data
  • Providing the right information through easily adjustable admin rights
  • Producing beautifully visualised global and country-specific reports
  • Monitoring key HR trends and developments

HR manager

I’ll say this: we cannot live without our HR system. It’s the foundation for all other development. Having an HR solution, that can work across multiple countries and be flexible enough to reflect new ways of working, has been essential.

Morten Jakobi Executive Vice President, People and Culture, Dustin

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Manage all HR data in one place

Manage your global HR master data in a single system – no spreadsheets, folders or complex databases required.

We’ve got your back with:

  • Dozens of ready-made integrations
  • Over 40 fully integrated marketplace partners
  • Top-lever security that guarantees the safety of your data
  • Extensive customer service portal operated by experienced support agents

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