Technopolis Oyj is a listed company specialised in properties, office letting and services. The company offers multi-user working environments. Its primary operating principle is to combine business support services with modern offices and offer versatile operating environments for its customers. Approximately 26,000 people and nearly 1,400 companies and organisations in Finland, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania work in Technopolis’s premises. The company's revenue in 2012 amounted to EUR 107.3 million and the operating profit was EUR 55.8 million. Technopolis Oyj is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki (TPS1V).

Technopolis Oyj wanted a flexible, cost-effective and modern HR system for its international operations. “We wanted to have all the personal data easily available in one place both in Finland and in our units abroad. Additionally, we wanted to speed up reporting, make the reports more accurate, make the managers’ and employees’ work easier and adopt more efficient practices through reducing manual work,” explains Hanna-Leena Pöyliö, Technopolis’s HR Manager.

The Sympa HR system met Technopolis’s needs.

“We chose the Sympa HR system because it met all our criteria. On the whole, Sympa HR will boost our operations on all organizational levels,” Pöyliö says.

Technopolis uses the Sympa HR system to manage personal data, employment data, payroll data, holiday data, absence data, job descriptions, performance reviews and target setting.

Sympa Oy’s System Consultant Tuomas Makkonen was glad to have the opportunity to manage a software implementation project for a listed company with global operations. “Everything has been going splendidly with the project and it has been a joy to work with such an active and innovative HR team. We decided to split the project into several phases according to Technopolis’s requirements as well as to spread out the team’s workload more evenly. The project is still going on, and we haven’t let the long geographical distances disturb our smooth cooperation in the project. We have been using cost-effectively video conferencing and online meetings,” Makkonen says. Pöyliö, too, has been very satisfied with the implementation project. “Their collaboration with us has been smooth, they always listen to what we have to say and respond quickly. Excellent project management!’ Pöyliö says.

Technopolis’s CEO Keith Silverang has also been following the project: “I am very happy with our new HR system so far. The project has exceeded my expectations, the system works and I’m looking forward to next steps.”

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