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Scania Suomi Oy (Scania Finland) is part of the international Scania Group that manufactures heavy machinery. Additionally, Scania Finland imports trucks, buses, and both industrial and marine engines. With offices in nearly 30 cities across the country, the company currently employs more than 600 people. Sympa HR is Scania Finland’s first Human Resources system, and it has brought about welcome improvements to multi-location management. What’s more, all employee data can now be found in one place.

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Sympa HR is Scania Finland’s first HR system

The main purpose of the HR system for Scania is to make the managers’ work easier, as well as to improve their availability. With offices in several cities, administrative issues are mainly communicated via phone, email or various computer systems.

For Scania, ease of use and adaptability were the most important criteria for an HR system. “We chose Sympa because we needed an effortless system that not only helps keep everyday management running, but takes care of employment-related tasks and information for each department, too”, says Merja Hyttinen, HR Director for Scania Finland.

We finished the project perfectly on schedule, and the product turned out exactly how we wanted.

Annika Vikholm
HR Specialist

Easy implementation and training

The implementation of Sympa HR was a process of three months. The project kicked off in the autumn, and the system was already in full swing by the turn of the year. Scania was able to test the solution from day one, and any necessary changes could be made right away.

Annika Vikholm, HR specialist at Scania Finland, praises the project for its smooth execution. She is especially happy with the collaboration within project management. “The deployment of Sympa HR went brilliantly,” Vikholm says. “The company provided us with a skilled consultant who organised effective workshops.”

The HR team were the first to adopt Sympa HR, followed by managers, and finally all personnel. Now, each employee’s work lifecycle is easily traceable in the system.

“We finished the project perfectly on schedule, and the product turned out exactly how we wanted. There were genuine tears of joy and hugs all around when we wrapped things up”, Vikholm smiles.

Sympa HR

The best thing about human resources is the variety and the opportunity to help others. With Sympa we can do our job even better.

Merja Hyttinen
HR Director

Sympa HR brings relief to hectic work days

The multi-use HR solution has offered valuable support to Scania’s HR, where fast-paced working days are the norm. The users have also been able to complete the vast majority of adjustments independently, without having to involve technical support. Eventually, once Scania’s documents, approvals and other materials are saved digitally in Sympa HR, the company will be able to have a paperless office.

Sympa HR represents a new era in human resources and a step towards even more effective HR operations at Scania Finland. Plans for future collaboration are already in place. “We’re glad to be sharing ideas about further developing our cooperation”, Hyttinen says.

“We’ll definitely continue working together in the future and customise the system for our evolving needs. The best thing about human resources is the variety and the opportunity to help others. With Sympa we can do our job even better.”

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