Lindex, a Swedish fashion retailer, has become well-established across the Nordic region and northern Europe. The well-known retailer employs over 5000 fashion professionals in 18 countries, which also presents the company’s HR team with a few challenges.

Lindex is one of Europe's leading fashion chains


Lindex employs 5000 fashion professionals


Approximately 490 stores in 18 different markets

HR data gathered in one place

“Our employee data was previously on different systems in different countries,” says Björn Lorentzon, HR Advisor at Lindex. “It was going to be a tricky business to gather all the data together so we wanted to find a system that was more convenient for reporting and more up to date.” Another consideration for Lindex was that the system needed to be able to work in multiple languages and thus generate and manage contracts for the various territories where the company operates.

The flexibility and user-friendliness made Sympa HR an obvious choice for Lindex. “When we compared different vendors’ HR solutions, it was important how easily and how quickly you could do small changes in the system in Sympa HR,” says Lorentzon. “If you find a typo or if you want to add a small field for instance, that is something that you do yourself in the system and that’s really useful for us.”

Many advantages of Sympa HR

Lindex found that the process of rolling out Sympa HR also highlighted other improvements that they could make. As Lorentzon explains; “one big advantage of having an HR master database is that when you gather information from all your other systems you find things in those systems that aren’t as good as you’d like.”

“For example we have found some aspects of time reporting that we could make better use of. Another realisation was that we can print fewer physical documents. Also, we now print less physical documents and store them in the cloud, in Sympa HR instead.”

"It was important how easily and how quickly you could do small changes in the system in Sympa HR."

Björn Lorentzon
HR Advisor, Lindex

Lindex has initially focused on using Sympa HR for contract management and performance management functions. The next step is to extend the solution’s use on international scale, applying the system also in the HR operations in Finland. “It’s very convenient to have a system that’s so easy to configure that you can actually go into the system and build this performance model the way you want it right away,” Lorentzon explains.

Lindex has found Sympa HR a very useful solution also for HR process development. “If we find a new way to do way to do for example an interview, or similar, we don’t need to file a ticket for this to happen, we can just make it ourselves in minutes,” he says. This, and Sympa’s pricing model are the payoffs for the system. “Sympa provides a cloud-based SaaS service, where you pay only for what you get.”

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