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“Inspecta entered the Norway market through strategic acquisitions. All acquired companies brought their own culture, policies and procedures giving some organizational challenges in finding and establishing a common structure. In this process being a small organization makes it possible to handle the business with manual systems. As Inspecta AS is growing and its objective is to continue this growth, manual systems and systems that do not “talk to each other” will counteract our development”, tells Ina Catrine Nordbø-RasmussenHR Director of Inspecta AS.

“For us the most important criteria when choosing a new HR system was finding a “out-of-the-box” product ensuring higher quality data management” Ina Catrine Nordbø-Rasmussen says and continues: “Going to Sympa HR we expect to achieve lower administrative strain and increase quality and efficiency. Within Sympa HR we will be managing procedures considering personnel administration, life cycle management (LCM), absence and holiday planning, internal courses, competence and competence evaluations together with follow up, career planning, employee discussions, salary and benefits, plus the full recruitment process.”

Inspecta is mowing all systems into the cloud. As Sympa HR delivers a SaaS service compatible with all other Saas products, and Sympa HR was already selected by our sister organization Inspecta Oy in Finland, Sympa HR was our best choice. Another factor of high influence on our decision was how Sympa was the first of the suppliers to visit our premises to clarify our requirements and make us an offer. The human factor and positive customer follow-up increased the quality of our experience. The project manager assigned to Inspecta AS has ensured that we have managed to implement the project within the agreed time schedules. Follow-up and service has been at the best quality.


Sympa HR

“We are confident that we have chosen the right partner to increase quality and efficiency in our personnel life cycle management. Inspecta As look forward to further development and cooperation with Sympa HR in the future”, says Nordbø-Rasmussen merrily.

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