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Captol Invest is a Finnish-owned company that specializes in Horeca trade and import and sales of premium international beverage brands in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. When looking for a new HR system, the company’s most important criterion was to streamline its core processes: recruitment, easy transfer of data to the payroll system, management of personnel data and the ability to generate reports.

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Captol Invest chose Sympa HR because it met all their needs: Sympa HR allows them to take on the role of the system admin and extensively customize the system to suit their own needs. It also offers diverse methods for reporting.

At Captol Invest, the Sympa HR system is used for administering basic personnel information like employee, salary, holiday, and sick leave data. In addition, it is used for recruitment and managing competency profiles and performance reviews.

Captol Invest also wanted to keep track of their key HR metrics also on mobile devices, so they started using Sympa HR Dashboard. Dashboard brings all the most important HR metrics to mobile devices, allowing for better strategic planning, monitoring of HR data in real time, and forecasting.

"Introducing Sympa HR Dashboard in our company was effortless and only took a week. The SaaS costs of the service only amount to the equivalent of two of my own working hours a month. That’s all the reason we need."

Kirsi Kankaanpää
HR & Admin Manager, Captol Invest Oy

The most important HR metrics now on the management’s mobile devices

“We can keep track of our key HR metrics in real time, and thanks to Sympa HR Dashboard, we can also speak of real-time HR management,” says Kirsi Kankaanpää, HR & Admin Manager at Captol Invest Oy.

Adding Dashboard to Sympa’s HR system as an additional service was quick and easy. “Naturally we had the data itself in Sympa HR the whole time, but now the key metrics are easily available to the management, as well.”

Now Captol Invest can keep track of the key metrics at the company level, but the tool also enables them to delve more deeply into business data. This means that you can, for example, compare employee turnover and job satisfaction internally between different departments. “In HR, it’s crucial that all data is measurable and easily available. The mobile Sympa HR Dashboard is an excellent tool for that!” Kirsi rejoices.

Captol Invest and Sympa have worked together since 2013. Kankaanpää emphasizes the importance of good partners in a small HR team: “A success network is especially important in HR. You don’t have to do it alone, nor should you. Good partners and tools play a big part in your success. All I can say to Sympa is: go team!”

Good partners and tools play a big part in your success. All I can say to Sympa is: go team!

Quick facts

Captol Invest

  • Sector: Horeca trade, import and sales of premium international beverages
  • No. of employees: 150 (2015)
  • Turnover: €45 million (2015)
Captol Invest

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