How to implement Agile Performance Support

By Martta Riihimäki
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In this article we continue our step-by-step guide of implementing Agile Performance Support. Which elements are crucial when starting a process such as Agile Performance Management or Agile Performance Support? We take you on a detailed tour.

When implementing a process such as Agile Performance Support (or moving from traditional Performance Management towards a more agile method) it is important to use an Agile change management approach. We have listed some essential elements for you to consider before, during and after the process:

Clear Communication Is Key in Successful Change Management

Quality change management is all about gaining overall support. Getting the organisation – or at least its key players – on board and keeping them motivated, asks for clear communications and transparent actions. Taking the time to explain why this change is inevitable will encourage your organisation to successfully reach its goals.

Top tip: Communicating the short- and long-term benefits for your organisation will inspire managers as well as employees.

After having convinced many of your key players, it is time to discuss practicalities. Be precise on what needs to be done, when and by whom. Giving clear instructions will pave the way to success.

Using Agile Performance Support to Motivate Your People

Here’s where our term Performance Support kicks in again. In Agile Performance Management, team leaders act as coaches rather than as supervisors. In turn, you can support these team leaders by offering training on giving feedback for example, or on writing quality reports, or on organising regular check-ins with employees.

The Importance of Implementation Aftercare, Using HR Reporting

After having successfully reached your goals, make sure to complete an implementation review. Note that your HR reports can come in handy here. A comprehensive review will iron out any issues that might occur during current and future processes. It pays off to put as much focus on the process’ after care as you did on the the implementation’s previous steps. Just remember, practice makes perfect.

Did we spark your interest in Agile Performance Support? Our Agile HR System can help you reach your goals in the most efficient way. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Martta Riihimäki


Martta Riihimäki
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Martta Riihimäki

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