How to Be B.O.L.D. – Data Driven

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Data has become an increasingly valuable asset in any organisation. Why does HR refrain from using data more often? This final chapter in our B.O.L.D. series encourages HR Managers to be more Data driven: People Analytics is the new area to look out for.

HR Analytics vs People Analytics

Departments like finance and sales are relying heavily on data. Why does HR lag behind? When HR Managers focus on data more often, they can be of real value to their organisation. We are not talking about using HR Analytics here: the area of People Analytics should get some serious attention. Here we can find the answers to critical business questions like why do some sales teams outperform others? or why do we lose certain high performers?

Access to Accurate Data

Helping senior leaders make informed decisions should involve presenting fact-based information. The key to running a successful HR department is having access to accurate data. An HR system can be of great assistance here, as it gives immediate insight into facts concerning your employees. Where to find specific in-house talent for a certain task, for example, or where to expand knowledge and skills through training. Using an HR system will let you make the most of your data.

Why not start using data right now? We can help you find a fitting solution. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Martta Riihimäki and learn more about Sympas versatile and flexible HR system.

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