Employee Value Proposition: A Powerful Tool

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Employee Value Proposition (EVP): we briefly discussed this powerful tool in our previous article. This time we take a closer look at the benefits for your organisation. An accurate EVP can help prioritise your HR Agenda. And it helps to attract, keep and engage quality employees. Happy employees are the best ambassadors any organisation could ask for.

Creating an Accurate EVP

An EVP describes the main reasons why employees commit to an organisation and identifies its unique people policies, processes and programs. Make sure your EVP shows why you are different from your competitors, but do not overdo it. An EVP is not about branding alone: it only works when it reflects the reality.

Prioritising Your HR Agenda

A clear and honest EVP not only attracts new talents, it can also keep and engage existing employees. Creating an EVP involves talking to the people in your organisation. Giving them a voice can build trust and increase motivation. At the same time it gives you insights in the needs and values of your employees. This information can help you prioritise your HR agenda.

Happy Employees, Great Ambassadors

Understanding your employees can help improve your people policies and processes. Organisations with a strong and credible EVP are recognised for the way they treat their employees and their qualities, just as they are for their products and services. Happy employees who are given the space to excel in what they are doing, make the best ambassadors one could ask for. People will be queuing up to join your organisation.

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