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Competence development by using digital learning methods

Interested in knowledge sharing and competence development with modern tools? Inspired about cross-team cooperation and both experimenting and implementing new ideas? Sharing (knowledge) is caring! Learn about the steps we took and start creating a plan of your own.

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A seven-step guide to getting started with workforce analytics

Workforce analytics is a tool that organisations are increasingly taking an interest in. To help you get started with it, I have outlined a simple seven-step guide.

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Three essential things HR managers should know about workforce analytics

What is workforce analytics and how can it be used to find insights about your people and business? Discover by reading our blog post.

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Nailing your next HR system implementation project

For anyone thinking about implementing an HR solution – Make sure to read this first! We’ve written a brief guide that sets out what we’ve found to be best practice in implementations.

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A Very Merry Christmas and an HRppy New Year!

Our CEO, Keijo, reflects on the wonderful year of 2018, and tells you what to expect from us during 2019!

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How to avoid the common pitfalls in appraisals

To help you get the most out of your appraisals, we offer you a list of some of the most common pitfalls – along with solutions to avoid them.

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Five steps to a successful appraisal

Effective appraisals work wonders on manager-employee relationships. We put together a five-step journey to conducting effective appraisals.

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Top 3 reasons why your organisation needs an HR system

New research conducted by Gartner Finland explored changes in organisations after the adoption of Sympa HR. Read the main takeaways!

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Why the Candidate Experience matters?

If you want to develop your brand, and not just as an employer but as an organisation, a fabulous candidate experience is essential.

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The key HR trends in the Nordics 2018

We compiled a comprehensive analysis of the current state of HR in the Nordics 2018, including key trends and pain points. Read more about our findings in this blog post.

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Three steps towards GDPR readiness

Many companies feel overwhelmed when thinking about GDPR. Here are EY Law’s GDPR Executive’s three steps on how to get started with the new regulation.

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