A new series of networking events that will help users swap ideas about working with Europe’s most dynamic HR solution has launched with an event in Mariehamn, Finland, on the theme of ‘Appraisals’.

The morning get-together at Hotell Pommern in central Mariehamn earlier this month kicked off a season of informal forums designed to provide a relaxed setting for Sympa HR users to get to know one another, exchanging experiences of using the solution and discuss current issues in human resources.

The twelve participants at the Mariehamn event included those from IT as well as HR backgrounds and represented five companies that all use Sympa HR to support their HR work.

“We had set up test environments in advance that the participants could show one another,” says system consultant Fredrik Mandelius from Sympa who led the meeting. “There were some very informative exchanges about different approaches one can take to appraisals using the system.”

"For us it is critical to invest not only in developing our HR system, but also in empowering our customers."

Johanna Löfgren, Customer Success Manager

Johanna Löfgren, Customer Success Manager at Sympa, who is responsible for customer care, was very pleased with the event. “We sensed that our customers would benefit from the chance to talk and swap ideas and created these events to give them an opportunity to do so. There are many different ways you can work with appraisals and it is valuable to talk to other HR experts about how they do it,” says Johanna, who is responsible for devising interesting themes for each networking meetup.

“The participants were very happy and several wanted us to expand the format,” she says. “It is always really important to hear what those who actually use our system think and we will put the feedback we get, relating to both product development and to how we care for our customers, to great use.”


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