Sympa started out around people. People have always been our number one priority. The safety of our customers and colleagues at Sympa is more important to us now than ever before. During this challenging time it is our priority to offer our full support to our customers and in turn help them in safekeeping and supporting their own people.

Sympa HR is an important tool for over 700 organisations internationally, and we feel the weight of this responsibility. Many of our customers stand at the heart of our society and provide some of the most important services to our people. Organisations such as hospitals, health care providers and pharmaceutical companies are functioning 24/7, providing services to those people needing it the most, and are now more important and overloaded than ever.

We aim to minimise any risk associated with the current pandemic by providing our customers with a reliable system, the right amount of support and any additional tools that they may need in these exceptional times. During the pandemic, our support team will prioritise service requests coming from organisations playing a critical role in maintaining the vital functions of our societies and relating to the uncommon circumstances that we are now facing.

Sympa HR is an important tool for over 700 organisations internationally, and we feel the weight of this responsibility.

Healthy employees and their readiness are the core of any well-functioning society. Real-time and correct personnel data, as well as its efficient reporting are a critical factor within the industries that support and provide our societies’ basic key functions. We want to continue to also help new companies overcome their HR challenges by providing them with the right tools that enable them to manage the entirity of their HR processes online, fully.

We at Sympa want to do our very best to keep everyone safe. In order to do that we will be handling our meetings online or by phone. We have also rescheduled all of our upcoming events – such as our annual Sympa TALK in Helsinki – to later dates this year and we will keep you posted on the exact new dates. Right now we are more committed than ever to continue to provide you with high quality trainings, workshops and clinics, and will be offering these to you online. We’ll be hosting a series of interesting webinars and we warmly welcome you to join us! You can find out more by taking a look here.

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