Let’s develop the world’s best HR Software, together.
- A key role in global cloud software development team.

We are looking for a Fullstack Developer to help us develop our cloud service — the most popular Human Resources solution in Finland and the fastest growing in the Nordic countries.

Want to join the team?

The Sympa HR solution is used by over 300 000 users and loved by its customers. Our technology helps every day organisations to master their human resources data and to automate their HR processes, enabling businesses to concentrate on their most valuable asset: people.

There are about 25 people in our Product Development Team with a variety of backgrounds, from software development to testing.  The team is based in Lahti, about one hour from Helsinki, although your main place of work could equally be our Vantaa office. We have colleagues also in Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam.

Sympa is striving for fast international growth while maintaining the agility of a small business, and this shapes our work culture. Decisions are made fast, with flat hierarchy, and everyone who works here is valued for themselves and for their skills.


As a new Fullstack Developer at Sympa you will have an opportunity to:

  • Develop modern global cloud service that hundreds of thousands of people use every day
  • Build software with the best tools and modern technologies (programming languages, frameworks, development tools) alongside a very talented (and fun) technology team
  • Apply your talent in a multitude of ways and learn new things, challenging your problem-solving skills every day in a flexible and agile working culture
  • Enjoy a relaxed, yet committed work atmosphere
  • Work with sustainable pace and be able to focus to get the job done
  • Work a flexible schedule and have time for your family and friends. In addition to enjoying our work we value our spare time. (And so does our employer!)

We are looking for someone with strong motivation, curiousity and an eagerness to learn. You have great self-discipline and you make things happen.  Sympa, in turn, does its very best to take good care of the whole Sympa family.

We look for the following:

  • You are interested in developing our software, methods and processes
  • Passion for new things, including different technologies: C#, SQL Server, MongoDB, HTML5, JavaScript, Backbone and CSS
  • Skills in modern programming and knowledge of databases
  • Terms like TDD/BDD mean something to you
  • You have a track record in web development and an interest in modern web technologies
  • You are enthusiastic and fearless when taking on new challenges and committed to finish the work you have started

Do you want to be a part of a great team on a great adventure?

We are looking for a matching candidate and we will fill the position as soon as we find one! Tell us more about yourself and send us your application right away.

Want to find out more about the position or Sympa?

Mikko Pantsari

Mikko Pantsari

Development Manager
+ 358 40 5367 535

Mikko Kojo

Mikko Kojo

Product Director
[email protected]

Sympa HR

I work mainly with the software architecture and programming of our product platform. What I like best about my job is that the company gives enough time and resources for research and development and the choic


Mikke, Full Stack Developer

Sympa HR

At Sympa, we work truly as a team and learn from each other. My work as a developer is both interesting and challenging – but most of all, fun!


David, Full Stack Developer